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How do you release the a/c in your car. I have a 2000 Mazda 626. My pressure is way to high and I need to dr?

How do you release the a/c in your car. I have a 2000 Mazda 626. My pressure is way to high and I need to drain it out.|||on any newer car with air conditioning there are 2 pressure release valves, a high pressure one, and a low pressure one that is used to add more a/c coolant to the system when needed. If the pressure is to high the high pressure valve should automatically release some so i wouldnt worry about it.

What does silver switch under steering wheel in Mazda Protege5 do?

It's a Mazda Protege 2002, im not sure at all about what this switch is capable of it's located near my right knee cap when I sit down in the car.|||Suggest you ask Mazda as they will know for sure...

What other years are compatible with a 1995 mazda millenia?

I have a 1995 mazda millenia and I would like to know what other year millenia would be compatible.|||There was only one generation of Millenia, which ran from '95 to '02. Individual parts, however, may have changed during that period. Two different engines were offered: the 2.3 Miller-cycle supercharged V6, and the 2.5 V6 from the 626.

What is a good extended warranty to buy for a 2005 Mazda Rx8?

I am going to buy a 2005 Mazda RX8 with 46k miles on it. I want to get a warranty that covers a lot of what people say seem to break down so much on them. Any suggestions of where and what kind to get. I know that Mazda extended the Engine warranty, but that is a very basic warranty. I looking for a good warranty for price and results.


James|||pretty much the only extended warranty places have been sued by attorney generals in many states, because they are all greedy cheating companies, the only warranty that is worth anything is a factory warranty, everything else that breaks on a car is normal wear and tear items. you want to keep your car new, dont drive it, thats the only way. There is no company that pays off unless your car is new.|||I've never heard of any extended warranty that was worth the $$$$.|||A warranty is a form of insurance. Insurance companies have to produce a profit. In order to do that they have to collect enough to invest so that any claims presented do not deplete the cash reserves. The way they used to cover the costs was by investing in the stock market. Well the market keeps going down. So right now the way they cover the loss is by fishing in new customers (similar to a Panza scheme), and those buy the insurance are paying for the break downs of the customers already in the system.

The last time some one wanted to sell be an extended warranty, the price was 2000 dollars. Now if I had taken 2000 dollars and put it in the bank, it would have covered the cost for repairs. Money would have been left over for repairs outside of the time mileage coverage of the policy. This is true in most cases. More so for drivers who take car of their cars both with scheduled maintenance and by following the directions in the owners manual.

So if you want cheap coverage, put money in the bank to cover repairs, read the owners manual and then follow the manufactures recommendation with the exception of finding a good rotary mechanic who has his own garage.

How much horse power does a 2007 mazda 6i have stock?

I have a '07 Mazda 6i dual over head cams variable valve timing 4 cylinder. How much horse powerdoes this have?|||Standard on the base model is a 2.3-liter, four-cylinder engine that makes 160 horsepower.155 ft-lbs

What are the quietest tires for a Mazda 3?

I drive a Mazda 3. Great car but lots of road noise. Wondering if anyone here owns this car and has tried changing to quieter tires. Which brand of tires did you use?|||Depends on what you are running now to know what would be quieter. Take a look at tirerack.com. They list tires based on your model and give ratings for road noise, comfort, grip, etc.

I right now am riding on Continental DWS which made a big difference from the Generals it came on.|||Try to choose tires with more aspect ratio, they wont look as good, but... hey.. you cant ask everything, they will be more quiet

What engines would fit in a 1983 Mazda rx7?

I have a 1983 Mazda rx7 and want to replace the engine what all engines would fit in this?|||Everything from a turbo rotary to a V-8 Chevy or Ford. http://grannys.tripod.com/1stgen.htm

What do you think of a 1998 Mazda 626 as my first car?

My dad found a 98' Mazda 626 for $4,500. Only one owner, automatic, A/C, sun roof, leather seats, and very well taken care of.

Is this a good buy?|||yes.......i owned a 94 mazda protege...and i wish i still had that car i drove it for 2 yrs w/ a blowed head gasket and it never quit on me.....the mazda is the best vehical u can own......jump on it|||hey kk how long have you Had it because i Had a 1998 Mazda 626... generally a Mazda is a very good buy but. the 626 is a really really really bad buy it is NOT A JAPANESE CAR!!! it is an AMERICAN car with FEW Japanese parts !!! SELL IT A.S.A.P if you do not believe me go check the reviews

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|||How many miles are on this car? What engine do you have in the vehicle?|||If I knew you I could get it for you for $3,000. Just refuse to make payments, and refuse to finiance, pay cash only. It works everytime. That is how I buy my cars..|||as i told you before for me Mazda is a good car but you must check price and the year at the same time

good luck with your first car

Does anyone know how long the average Mazda vehicle runs?

I am searching for a new car. At the current moment I am comparing the Mazda 3 %26amp; 6, Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, and Hyundai Sonata. The Sonata has the better warranty but is also the least attractive. Any advice would help. Thanks!|||stay away from hyundai, theyre pieces of crap. horrible resale valueee . the mazda 3%26amp;6 are good cars but cant compete with honda and toyota. honda and toyota have the best resale value and are the most reliable. id go for a new accord!|||until it runs out of gas!|||i like the new accord. its quick if u get the V6 and it looks like a european car. dont get a japanese car if u feel like u want to be good to the enviromeant.|||I have a 04 Mazda 6 with the V6, It is very sporty and handles the curves very well, I give it the fun factor of driving 8 out of 10 which is very good. The car has 140 0n the speedo and I have had it up to 125 speed governed have no doubt it would go faster if not for that. I now have 72,000 miles on it no problems at all. Sure honda and toyota are great cars but everyone has them and you can just about get mazda v6 as cheap as others with 4 cyl. Get the Bose sound system it's awesome.

How many miles per gallon should my Mazda 6 be getting?

I have a 2004 Mazda 6i v6. I feel like I should probably be getting better mileage then I am. Just curious how much I should be getting. Thanks in advance! :)|||MPG (city) 17

MPG (highway) 24

MPG (combined) 20

What kind of perfomance chip for my mazda?

I have a 2000 mazda mellenia supercharged, and am thinking of adding a performance chip to it. Does anybody have any suggestions of which brand to use? I did find one that says it can boost my car up to 275 hp, but with it as it sits at 210, 275 seems really hopeful.|||I have a millenia too and I can assure you that the transmission cannot handle any more horsepower than the stock 210 HP. Your car is already 10 years old and probably has plenty of miles on it. Driving it hard and fast is fun but will kill the millenia drive train since it is made for smooth quiet performance and not hardcore racing.|||go to mazdaspeedstore.com

it has a lot of mazda parts.|||Give some thought to a Mega Squirt system. This may be more then you are looking for, but it may be just what you need.

Is it easy to reposition a Mazda 3 roof rack?

I have a Mazda 3 roof rack (in Australia), which needs to be repositioned a bit. Is this easy to do. I have removed the actual bars and looked at the positioning points and these seemed to be secured to the car with an unusual bolt and I do not have a tool to unscrew it. Can you actually move it, if I could unbolt it, or are these screwed into the car body work? Cheers.|||ok|||Ah, no it is not easy.

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|||Yeah, it cannot be repositioned. The cross bars can slide forward and backwards, but the rails cannot.

How often do you change the Mazda RX8 sparks plugs?

I have a 2004 Mazda RX8 auto on how many miles do you have to change the sparks plug. How often what the price range dealer or what's the best for perfomance.|||The coils die faster than the plugs!

The RX8 Irridium plugs need to be changed at 25,000 miles per the maintenance manual.

Replace the plugs and ignition coils when the car won't rev over 9,000 rpm smoothly.

Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/When_do_you_ch鈥?/a>|||Do you have manual handbook of mazda RX8? They should tell you on every mileage and service on it.

How do you set up trunk and ground effect neons on a Mazda 6?

I need help a step by step proses with how to put neon's on a Mazda 6?|||neons? read the directions that come with the lights. I am assuming you mean the under body kits? get a drill and some self tapping screws. Clamps should come with the lights. run the wires out of the way of any moving, sharp or hot parts and use heat shrink tube on any splices NOT electrical tape. Electrical tape, Bad. Heat shrink tube, good. water proof... its not that hard. maybe jack the car up for more room? if you do that put jack stands to support it. Don't go under a car that is only held up by a jack...|||UGLY!! lol I know you didn't ask. But I'm telling you anyway

How much to soup up a mazda protege?

I bought a mazda protege 2000. I just wanted to know how much it would cost to put on a spoiler, get it supercharged or add turbo. Maybe a body kit too. I just need some prices. Thanks.|||actually Mazda had a Protege Speed. Which in Mazda terms anything named Speed means Turbo...

I would check out your local junkyards for a protege speed engine. they also had a factory killer stero system with amp and subs, cool wheel and spoiler. you may even be able to find one for sale and save the money converting your and just trade your in and get the speed version.|||Well a turbo could be between 200 and 1500 depending on make and performance, I myself advise a Greddy turbo kit and a spoiler will be round 200 to 500 depending on style and finally a body kit could be up to 3000 if its really good. I hope I have helped. P.S. Nice Car|||I think the Mazda Forum may be right up your alley.


How much does it cost to repair a smashed headlight on a mazda 3?

So I just rear-ended someone and his car did not have not even one tiny scratch while my mazda 3 is all messed up :( The passengers side headlight is all smashed and the hood got bended a little. Should I call my insurance? will my insurance go up? how much will it cost?|||if he,s letting it go then you let it go too. it would be your fault for hitting him and your insurance will go up so if he,s willing to forget it then you do the same. it won,t cost that much if you get what you need from the junk yard.|||You didn't mention what year your car is which makes a difference in the cost of parts. If the only damage is your headlight and hood you are looking at about $300 for parts. You will then spend another $200 or so to get the hood painted.

If your deductible is $500 or so you might want to consider to have everything repaired yourself so your rates don't go up.|||headlights are ridiculously expensive for what is ultimately a piece of plastic, if you have insurance it would be wise to use it, otherwise (depending who you use) the repair costs would be in the vicinity of $600-$1200 , maybe even higher if structual damage has occured.|||if you buy online maybe it is around $200-$500 maximum. Shipping of the item included. But if you buy in a store it is around $80-150. But if you want a much cheaper you can buy 2nd hand or in surplus. But there is no guarantee that it is still in good shape. Buy at your own risk.|||what car did you hit?

Tips on how to turn my Mazda 6 into a high performance tuner?

I want to make my V4 Mazda 6 run and sound like a high performance tuner. Im pretty much happy with the outside appearance of it. Right now a turbo kit and a different exhaust sounds good but i dont really know what im doing so help please? Any ideas are appreciated.|||Turn it into a mazdaspeed6. You can have a dealer install mazdaspeed upgrades and keep it under warranty. http://www.mazdausa.com/MusaWeb/displayP鈥?/a>

Has all the details on what that would include. If you want to save money and dont care about the warranty then just do an aftermarket turbo, air filter, intake and exhaust, flywheel, and depending on how serious you are nitrous, lightweight rims, a body kit, or convert body to carbon fiber (hood, trunk, fenders, doors, body kit) that would drop your weight dramatically. Any car can be modified to do 10s 1/4 but its how much that car costs to get there.|||Go buy a mazdaspeed 6 the mazda 6 wont really go right as "tricked out" tuner. Get an old accord or acura

How does the performance compare between an 05 Suzuki SV650s and a Mazda RX8?

I know that the Mazda has a higher top speed, the question relates to the overall performance. Which accelerates faster? How does the handling compare?|||The bike will have better acceleration in a straight line, but the car can corner quicker and brake far harder due to having a lot more rubber on the road, so on a race track there probably wouldn't be that much in it.|||One is a motorbike, and one is a car, you can't really compare! There are VERY few cars which will beat the 0-60 time of a motorbike, and the SV650 is no exception. With a 0-60 of around 3.5 seconds, it will leave an RX8 (along with most Ferrari's, Lambourghini's, etc....) far behind, and with a competent rider and good tyres, it will easily out-handle all but the very best super-cars too. Cars have a higher top speed, because bikers want something that will accelerate quickly, not have an extra 50mph of performance that they will never be able to use.|||The SV runs bottom 12s, the RX8 mid 14s, if its a manual. So in other words, its not even close in acceleration. The RX8 does have a higher topspeed, but it would require over two miles to catch the Suzuki in a striaght line from a standstill. The RX8 does have more rubber, but also alot more weight. It would be easier to drive the RX8 to its limits, but all in all the cornering and handling would be evenish. Of course the RX8 has a much better heater, can hold twice as many people and is easier to get road head in. But it cost 5 times as much.|||there are a number of motoring shows on TV %26amp; DVD that have compared Bikes with cars on the track...

%26amp; a very fast car will still be beaten by a fast bike...

in the real world where speed limits %26amp; obsticals on the road,, limit how fast you can go..

low speed acceleration makes all the difference.. which is great until you get to the next traffic light.. then the car catches up again... light goes green.. bike takes of %26amp; is in front.. next light.. car catches up again... this can go on all day...the bottom line is..

if you travel 15 miles to work/school in the morning.. at 45 MPH it takes 20 mins (if its a straight through run)... i8f you do it at 60 MPH..it takes 15 mins... you save a whole 5 MINS..

but run the risk of a speeding fine... all to save 5 mins... easier to get out of bed 5 mins earlier..|||You are trying to compare two rather unrelated means of transportation.

Sorry, 'No Link Found'.

How much does it cost to repair a smashed headlight on a mazda 3?

So I just rear-ended someone and his car did not have not even one tiny scratch while my mazda 3 is all messed up :( The passengers side headlight is all smashed and the hood got bended a little. Should I call my insurance? will my insurance go up? how much will it cost?|||Dont call your insurance because it will go up on you, you can probably find yourself a cheap headlight at http://www.mazda3club.com/ or even http://www.mazda3forums.com/ just ask around the forums and someone will probably sell you one for cheap or even try on ebay. And your hood you can probably have an autobody shop do it for cheap.|||If you can afford it do it yourself. check this site out www.car-parts.com you can find cheap parts there. Don't go to the dealer. They will rip you. I say a headlamp can be about 300-400 new. even more. You can call the insurance but how much is your deductible? Sometimes its not even worth it if its only a few hundred bucks of repairs.

ebay also has decent prices but that's aftermarket parts. Shouldn't noticed a difference thou. As for the hood, if it's not a big dent it can be repair.

How much will it cost me to rebuild the engine in my mazda millinia?

I have a 98 mazda millinia with 2.5 L v6 and it has a blown engine and i would like to do a complete rebuild, new crankshaft, valves pistons, connecting rods, all seals and gaskets, new cams, my question as assumed is how much will this cost me ?|||it really depends on how accurate the over haul will be. you can replace bearings only for a few hundred dollars, have a head rebuilt for about the same. However there are a lot of things that could be over looked depending on the mechanic. just changing a few parts does not constitute an overhaul . If there is a problem that is over looked then you'll be right back soon with no recourse, start over.

So, please make educated choices. do a little research . Im sure it could cost you thousands ( 2 to 3 thousand ) depending on the parts required, and the current labor rates.

You could possibly find a used engine with low miles from a salvage yard cheaper and have it installed .|||It would really depend on your mechanic. How much for parts (and parts mark up) and labour. I had a complete engine rebuild a couple years back for about 2 grand.|||avg rule of thumb for an engine rebuild is around a couple grand. It all really depends on what has to be done, cracked block? thrown rod? etc...

Are the ford probe and the mazda the same type of vehicle?

I have a 1991 ford probe. The key for the ignition is a Mazda one. Are they interchangeable. Seems like the key is too small for the ignition switch.|||The Ford Probe and the Mazda 6 are the same car beneath the sheet metal. Ford owns Mazda, or at lest did own Mazda when these cars were produced.|||There built on the same platform and thats about it. Majority of parts will not interchange.|||Ford Probe The Probe appeared in 1988 and lasted until 1997 in the United States. It was based on a series of futuristic concept cars of the early 1980s, the likes of which have been seen in films like Judge Dredd, Back to the Future Part II and Total Recall. It was a coupe based on the Mazda GD 626 platform, and was powered by a 2.2 L SOHC I4 cylinder Mazda F2 engine. They also had a 2.5 liter motor that I beleive was a Mazda motor as well. Many of the parts from the radiator to the disk brakes are indeed interchangable between the two.|||they are but there are little difference in them they are the same frame but the compontents have slight differences.

Ford Motor company is the parent company of Lincoln, Mercruy, Mazda, and Jaguar

How many quarts of synthetic oil should i put in a 2000 mazda millenia?

i have a 2000 mazda millenia s and i want to know how many quarts of synthetic old does it need. i have been searching the web for days with no prevail. please help!!|||if you also change the filter, then 4.3 us qts. however, if you use the level on the dipstick, it will probably take 5 qts. it is then overfilled. the dipstick is at best, a crude measuring device. the best way would be to drain it, and leave it drain for a while. then, change filter, and add 4.3 qts. wait a bit, say 10 minutes, so all the oil drains into the crankcase. then see where the level is on the dipstick. dont forget that when you change the oil filter, the level will go down slightly after start up, because the filter has to fill up with oil. about .3 qt.|||Whatever the vehicle specs are synthetic uses the same amount. Look in you owners manual.|||Call the dealer and ask for the service dept. They will tell you.

What is the original coolant and power steering fluid color for Mazda year 1999 626 V6?

Does anyone know the original coolant and power steering fluid color for Mazda year 1999 626 V6?|||The power steering fluid for most mazda vehicles including your 626 is mercon 3 or mercon 5. Your coolant could be green or orange/pink. I know the 2000 models used orange for sure. Most of the time mazda used a color sticker near the radiator filler cap. It showed orange/pink, green or gold/yellow coolant in a bottle. If you are doing a complete flush you can put whatever you want back in it. But if you are topping it off definitely use whatever it has in it. You should not mix orange and green. Doing so will cause a chemical reaction that basically negates any boil-over/freeze protection.

Where can I find instructions on how to replace a 2008 mazda 3 oxygen sensor?

My oxygen sensor on my 2008 mazda 3 2.3l 4.0 is out. I need to do it myself because the dealership wants waay too much money to do it. Please help! It just went out yesterday and my state inspection is due at the end of the month.|||anyone working on their car should buy a manual,,30 dollars worth every penny|||That is part of the emission control system. Look in your owner's manual and find out how long it is covered. That is a separate warranty from the standard 36month/3 year warranty. It may be covered under the special emission warranty. I would call the dealership and gave them your VIN number and the mileage and find out before you spend any money.|||You can probably find a video of it on youtube or other sites. Buying the part and seeing where it is to helps alot. You might need a 02 sensor socket though and find the correct one of 2 to replace. Then you need to go to auto part store and reset the cars cpu and drive it a while before your inspection test... good luck|||go to an auto store and purchase a repair manual.

also, what O2 sensor? the MAF in the intake or the O2 sensors in the exhaust? you might need to get under the car to fix that.|||check for exaust leaks also...it will throw o2 lean codes...

What would cause my 2000 Mazda B2500 to run cold?

Hi I have a 2000 Mazda B2500 that is running cold. It has the 2.3 engine. I just replaced the thermostat and there is no signs of my head gasket being bad. Does anyone know what could still cause my truck to run cold?|||If you think the car runs cold because the dashboard gauge says so, you might actually just have a bad connection or a bad gauge. But I'd also start with the thermostat once you know the car is indeed running cold.|||How do you know it's running cold? The only thing I can think of is did you check the radiator "fan clutch" ? Have you got plenty of antifreeze in it? Get back to me with these answers. we'll go from there.|||you may have gotten a bad thermostat I have had the same thing happen before and I got another new thermostat and it fixed the problem.

How do you turn off the check engine light on a Mazda Protege?

How do you turn off the check engine light on a Mazda Protege? My model is a Protege5 (2002), but I'm assuming they would all be the same.|||Code reader can clear the code. See if your local auto parts will do it for you.

Keep in mind clearing it doesn't fix what caused the issue and you won't pass emissions by having a reader just reset the system. Once the system cycles through to a test ready status, your light will just pop right back on again if you haven't made the repair/adjustment.|||take a picture of your girlfriend and just put it right there over the light. that way u wont have to see that check engine light. unless you would rather look at the light then her. lol. no serious, take it to autozone or some place like that and let them hook it up for free, and see what is causing it.|||not positive|||hit it with a ball peen hammer.

How to replace the low beam headlights bulbs on a 2009 Mazda 6?

I have a 2009 Mazda 6 and one of the low beam light bulb is not working. ICan someone please tell me how to replace it? Thanks.|||You should be able to find the back of the headlamp from under the hood. Just grab the lamp socket and give it a 1/4 turn and it'll come right out. Once you have it out, unplug the old lamp, plug in a new one, replace the socket in the back of the headlight and you're done!

Wear cotton gloves while changing the lamps, because if you get grease or fingerprints on the bulb of the halogen light, it will overheat and fail sooner.|||The chosen "best answer" is definitely not scratching my itch. I have a 2009 Mazda 6 and my passenger side lowbeam light just went out. I had to remove the wheel, remove plastic pins in wheel well, and work at it from there. The "find the headlamp from under the hood" simply doesn't do it.

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|||To confirm DRG - I also had to change the passenger side low beam. After removing the fender well plastic there is a gray cap you remove to gain access to the low beam bulb. The high beam bulb is under the hood.

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|||Do you have a car book. If so, it will tell you how to do it. Unless it's a xenon fusion bulb, you need to have a dealer to do the job. Bulbs like these are dangerous.|||I have a mazda 3 and I had to take the whole dang front bumper off to replace the headlights with HID's.

How to get a 94 mazda protege to pass smog?

I have a mint condition 94 Mazda protege that has high nox #'s but no EGR valve to change Could it be the Cat converter?|||It could be. The first (cheaper) alternative is a coolant flush. That will bring the engine temperature down; NOx is caused by high temperatures and pressures fusing nitrogen in the air with oxygen. My NOx readings went from 1700 to below 100 after a very thorough coolant flush.

The more expensive solution (if flush fails) will be to replace the 3-way catalytic converter. The rhodium catalyst (the one that converts NOx back to N2 and O2) is the first catalyst to get clogged with engine soot.

How much does it cost to replace rear shocks on 95 Mazda?

Im thinking of buying a 95 Mazda 323 Protege for $900 but i says its needs to rear shocks. If I take it to a shop, how much do you think it would cost to fix that?|||Quality rear shocks can cost up to $250 pair.

One and half hour for the work shop.

What type of cold air intake should i get for my mazda 3 hatchback?

i just bought a 2008 mazda 3 hatchback and am thinking of buying cold air intake, exhaust, and maybe suspension. I'm new to modding cars so any info you have will help! Just curious about priceing, and recommendations on what I should get.|||generally AEM and Fujita are the best choices for CAI. I would get the Fujita CAI (228$) ..

for exhaust, i recommend HKS (full system 427$)

suspensions... i dont think is necessary (just in my opinion...

this is a great place to buy car parts...


How do I disable the passenger side airbags on a 1989 Mazda pickup in order to make it safe for a childseat?

I need to put a child restraint seat in the front seat of my truck, but Mazda won't disable the airbags due to liability issues.|||Pull the fuse, keep in mind this may also disable the drivers side as well (not sure if they each have their own fuse).

If you cant, or cant find it, if you explain why you want to disable it (baby seat) most mechanics would be happy to do it for you. The dealer may not, but others will be grateful you want to keep that baby safe and not take a chance.|||Have the dealer do it. Be safe.|||in the fuse box in the hood there is a relay that say air bag, remove it and is done !!

but all air bags dont gona work and the light on the dash will lite

if you cant find the fuse or there is no fuse go for a electro-mechanic he can disable the airbags without harm your car|||you should have a key that makes the switch

How do you change a timing belt on a 2001 Mazda Millenia?

I am looking at changing the timing belt in my Mazda. I am in the military and have access to a automotive hobby shop where I can access tools and lifts needed to do the work. I am wondering how hard it is to do this job and how long it will take. Any information would be great thanks.|||what motor? 2.5 is way easier than the 2.3. i have never done a 2.5, but if it is a 2.3, here are some pointers. you will have to pull the rt wheel, and splash shield. i also pull the motor mount, and the upper radiator hose, which means draining the coolant. this will give you clearance to remove the auto belt tensioners. ahh, the auto tensioners. there are 2. BUT WAIT-before pulling the tensioners/belts, MAKE SURE you loosen the bolt/nuts for the water pump pulley AND the p/s pump pulley. otherwise, you will have to get a really good strap wrench, and do a LOT of cussing. long extensions, and swivel head sockets are a big help, especially when removing the tensioners, and the plastic cover. of course, the motor will have to be supported, and around this time, you will probably notice that the motor mounts are fubar. they are liquid filled, and only last about 60k. dont get the ebay ones, they are NOT liquid filled, and the motor will sit too high. the hood will hit. ask me how i know. you will need a really good auto tensioner tool. the tensioners are spring loaded, and you have to relieve the tension to get the 2 serp belts off/on. if you try it with a box end, it will take 2 strong men and a boy, and there just aint much clearance in there. the motor will have to be tilted up and down several times to get at stuff. you will need a really good impact to get the bolt on the harmonic balancer. my impact is 600 ft/lbs rev torque, and it barely breaks it loose the first time. if your motor has been in the rust belt, i would first try to pull the harmonic balancer, because it will be ON there. if you cannot pull the balancer, you cannot remove the covers, and you cannot get to the timing belt. that is critical. even if it has not been in the rust belt, it is hard to remove. you may want to get a slide hammer kit to pull it off. the covers are held on with 6mm bolts, and you will need long extensions and a swivel socket to get at them, or really tiny hands and double jointed arms. you should also change out the tensioner, water pump, and pulleys. be prepared with cam/crank seals, too. however, if you need to change cam seals, that is a HUGE job. the whole intake has to come off.

some of this info also applies to the 2.5.

now the good news. mazda motors are non interference. the belt is nitrile, and mazda recommends changing it at 105k. i have seen/pulled belts at over 180k that look new. the water pumps seem to last a very long time, and the seals seem to be very good. unless you have a leak, or a bad water pump, i would let it go to 200k. if it breaks, all it will do is leave you stranded, there will not be any motor damage.|||It depends on what is in the way... Since it's a transverse or "sideways" mounted engine, it could be pretty difficult. It's probably going to involve taking off some bolts or nuts that are hard to get to without removing other parts, but in the case of a timing belt, you don't usually have a choice. You just have to change it. You might be able to get away with just removing wheel well covers and the passenger side front wheel (depending on which side the timing belt is on). If you have any problems, get a factory service manual for that year and model from your local mazda/ford dealer. If you don't have access to one of these usually expensive manuals, go with second best and get a Haynes or Chilton manual for this car usually available at any auto parts store... Good luck.

Is there an ipod system to use in a 2009 mazda miata?

I have a new 2009 mazda miata with a bose sound system. It has a cd player and all but no place to plug in my ipod. Any suggestions?|||IPOD integration module.......mazda part number

BBM2-79-CFZ .............sells for $142

this module is compatible with all IPODS containing a 30 pin

dock connector

installation harness with sirius

C9FB-V6-029..............sells for $162

installation harness without sirius

C9FA-V6-029..............sells for $138

labor time is somewhere between 2 and 3 hours for installation.|||i'm pretty sure there should be a AUX input somewhere... if not, you have the FM transmitters or if you have a cassette player, i suggest you buy a cassette that has a wire to plug your ipod into.|||i am almost positive it should have an aux input. check in the middle armrest console. especially having the nicer sound system. does it have a "aux" button on the front of the radio? my 07 touring 3 has an input surely yours would to.

Need advice on choosing a Ford or Mazda that is good on gas mileage?

What are Ford and Mazda cars (model years 2000 and up) that are smaller/good on gas mileage? Trying to find a mom car!|||No brainer if you are looking for a Ford-- get the Escape Hybrid. 32mpg, works well as a mom-car.

The best thing about the 2008 Escape Hybrid is that it qualifies for a whopping $3000 Federal Tax Credit, which means you don't have to own it for years to recoup the cost of the hybrid system over a regular Escape in gas savings. The Federal tax rebate makes it cost the same as a comparably-equipped regular Escape.

I love how the advanced technology in the Escape Hybrid makes it cost less than than normal cars to maintain:

- Escape Hybrid uses regenerative braking so it does not need a brake job until 100,000 miles. (try that in a regular car!)

- Escape Hybrid uses a transmission with just a single fixed gearset-- No gear-shifting wear-and-tear of a normal car. It has no clutch, torque converter or CVT belts to wear out.

- Escape Hybrid has no starter, alternator or timing belt to wear out.

- Escape Hybrid has an 8-year / 100,000 mile warranty on its hybrid battery. If it fails before then (virtually unheard-of), Ford replaces it for free. Don't let anyone scare you with myths about how expensive it is to replace a hybrid battery because it's a non-issue.

It's a great choice in this day and age of ridiculous gas prices.

The Mazda Tribute Hybrid by the way is a rebadged Ford Escape Hybrid. You can go that route too.|||Check consumer report on the frequency of repairs. Honda, Toyota, and Subaru are 1,2, and 3. They may be a bit more expensive but the resale value more than makes up for it...good luck to you!|||Get a Mazda. Much more reliable. Almost as good as Honda and Toyota. Great interior quality and looks. Sporty rides and fun to drive.

Moms do not like sporty rides. They prefer comfort and luxury.

The only luxury comfortable Mazda is the Mazda Millenia, which was made in 2000.

What is the difference between a Mazda 2 and Mazda 3?

I have considered buying either a Mazda 2 or Mazda 3 and just wondered what the difference is? Are they good cars?|||They are as different from each other as a polo is to a golf, a fiesta is to a focus a corsa is to an astra.

One ( the mazda 2) is the hatchback meant for young drivers ( teens and possibly older girls) the other ( mazda 3) is for slightly mature drivers and younger men ( 20 somethings).

they should be ok since they are Jap built. but they very desirable.

Should the lack of a temperature gauge in the 2010 Mazda 3 prevent me from buying one?

My husband's concerned that it doesn't have one, it apparently only has an indicator light when the engine starts to overheat. It frustrates me that Mazda would leave something so simple out but did they do it b/c it's really not necessary? It doesn't seem to be stopping a lot of people from buying them!|||if your husband is that concerned, then find out how to put a temperature gauge inside the car somewhere, the shop you buy the car from should have no problem it may add some to the cost, but you get what your husband likes,and I happen to agree with him, I never liked idiot lights either, It seems like car makers are out of touch sometimes with their customers, and plug in any old thing to make it work, there are many types of aftermarket guages available, One would think a competent shop could fix this issue good luck|||a lot of vehicles that even have temp gauges are a falsity as well any how. they just look like a gauge but only have 2 settings normal and hot..which is no different from a idiot lite. how ever if u really like the car they do have have after market gauge pods and so forth that u can set it up ur self or have a shop do it in no time. check the link i posted there is a picture of it there

Where can i find exterior window trim for my 93 mazda mx6?

The window trim on my mazda is faded and it makes my car look awful. Is it hard to install?|||did you mean the vent visors? those things are stick with some kind to adhesive tape very simple to install

if not the vent visors you mean the metal thing that goes around the glass? you cant replace that because that is part of the door

take it to a shop and get it painted again

How often should I get the cambelt changed on my mazda 3 petrol car?

I used to have a diesel car and the cambelt had to be changed every 50 000 miles. Was wondering when I should get my Mazda's cambelt changed?|||Ask Mazda - but generally somewhere between 30k and 50k.

What do I need to do to swap a 1987 Mazda RX7 with a 3rd Gen RX7 engine?

I own a 1987 Mazda RX7 and bought the 3rd Gen 13BTT engine to drop into it. Has anyone done this yet that can give me some tips on what will have to be done to accomidate the new engine. I do have both the engine and tranny and some parts other than that that are ready to be dropped in but still trying to work out with the 87 body.|||oh man they make

mazada frankenstein cars too

not just b16s and hondas anymore|||i do alot of motor swaps,and u will need the wire harness ,and computer with relays|||its gonna require some modifications. not sure if you researched it already, but the inner fenderwells of the FD3S chassis are shallower than that of the FC. and the motor mounts are different as well, so you'll need to either find some or custom fab them yourself. make sure you have all the engine wiring harness, and the ecu. might also need the fuel pump/relays/etc. since the 13B twin turbo will require alot more fuel.

the easiest way to drop an FD motor into an FC is to rebuild it and redrill the center irons, that way you wont have to custom-fab the motor mounts, and itll save you a lot of time and money.

I'm no expert when it comes to rotaries, but a few of the guys in my crew have FCs, so i've picked up this stuff from them.

hope this helps!

How do you replace the clock springs on a 2003 mazda protege?

If someone can give me step by step instructions on how to replace the clock springs on the stearing wheel of my 2003 mazda protege, i would greatly appreciate it.|||You have to remove the air bag, there are nuts or bolts usually covered by round caps on the back side of the steering wheel. Make sure the tires are strait! You need to remove the wheel with a puller. The clock spring will usually be right there(there could be a plastic cover over it).There are 3-4 screws that hold it on. Unplug the pigtail on the column and its out. The new clock spring will have a tab that holds it centered while you put it on. It's usually yellow or black. Pull it out only when you are sure it's on for good. Then put it all back together.

How do I haul 2 sea kayaks on my 2003 mazda protege5?

I want to haul 2 sea kayaks (16ft long) on my mazda protege5. I have the factory rack. Can I just buy 4 J-cradles from yakima or thule and attach them to the factory rack? Or will I also need to buy a rack system with the bars and such?

Thank you!|||Go on Thule's website and see if there is an application. I am doubtful that it will fit directly onto the factory rack. However, on one of my Audis I had to get mounts that went on the rails, then bars, and fairing.|||You can buy a good rack at Big 5 sporting goods or put them thru back seat into trunk with a bungi cord.|||I found out the hard way that factory rails will not hold my 2 sea kayaks 18 and 16 foot long with gear. A little trailer works better and much lower than my proto5|||idk

Why is a 2006 Mazda 6 i sport hatchback 2k cheaper in blue book value than a 2006 Mazda 3 i sport hatchback?

Same engine, same features, same mileage - why would the Mazda 6 be worth less than the Mazda 3? Thank you in advance!|||Simply a matter of supply and demand. There are fewer people that think they want a Mazda 6 so it sells for less on average.

On autos.yahoo.com, nationwide I find

75 x Mazda3 under $8K, low price $5.5K for a 2006 w/100K miles

153 x Mazda6 under $8K, low price $4950 for a 2005 w/102K miles.

Young buyer's would generally be considering the Mazda3 the more "sporty" one, and maybe on paper they look similar, but the Mazda6 would seem like a "bigger" car, even if just a few inches and a few hundred pounds, the result would be to expect that the Mazda6 doesn't "zoom zoom" quite as well as the Mazda3.

How can I change the digital odometer on my 2005 Mazda 3 S to display in miles instead of KM's?

My wife immigrated here from Canada. We got her car titled and registered in our home state. Now we need an inspection. But to do this, I would like her odometer to read in miles instead of KM's. She has a 2005 Mazda 3 Sport 5 door. Is there a way to do this using the steering wheel controls and the buttons on the dash? Thanks.|||It's very unlikely you'll need to replace anything if it's digital.

I have a 2005 RX8 and I simply have to push and hold one button that sticks out from the gauge cluster and it changes the display from KM/h and KM-odometer to MPH and mile-odometer. I very much doubt your 3 is any different.

The process should be detailed in the owners manual. If that's been lost check Mazda's website for a downloadable manual. If you can't find that just look for a button/stick near your speedo/odo and try pushing/pulling/holding and see what happens.|||No. Need to replace the speedometer head.|||Speedometer head %26amp; I'm pretty sure, the speed sensor. Contact ur Mazda dealer they know 4 sure.

I have a split Mazda rear bumper. Any ideas on how to fix it?

I came home today and my Mazda rear quarter panel bumper was hanging off the car. I don't want to have to pay the money right now to get it fixed so, is there any ideas on how to fix it?|||Gg|||Two-part epoxy adhesive, blue masking tape, about half an hour and a healthy helping of patience. When you have the money take it to a detailer's shop and have it replaced, as there is no fix for this that will ever be permanent.

Why does a 2002 mazda millenia shifter lock up when in park?

my 2002 mazda millenia shifter locks up when in park and i have to use the overide to get the car out of park and to be able to drive it. what is the problem?|||A couple of things can cause this. The brake pedal switch could fail and not send a signal to the lockout letting it know that the brake is on and it's ok to start. Another item could be the shiftlock cable under the shifter. If this has become detached or stretched, it will not engage the release to the shifter. One more item could be what is commonly called the neutral/safety switch - if this switch fails, it will not realize that the shifter is in park or neutral and, therefore, will not allow the shifter to release.

Hope this helps.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

I have a 1997 mazda millena and i think my transmission is slipping?

I have a 97' mazda millena and I think my transmission is slipping but I'm not forsure and when it shifts from 1st to 2nd its like it dosent wanna shift to 3rd. So is my transmission slipping and how much would it cost?|||It will probably only cost a few bucks to buy a quart of automatic transmission fluid.

Anytime you have problems with an auto tranny *always* check the fluid level first. Read your owners manual to check how you do this on your car.

What is up with the air recirculation in my Mazda 3?

I have a 2009 Mazda 3. I have asthma, so I keep the air recirculation on, except of course when using the defroster because obviously the car doesn't allow that.

Sometimes, I'll notice that I smell the truck exhaust and look down to discover that air recirculation is off again.

What's the deal with that?

To repeat, I know you can't use recirculated air for the defroster on this car. This is happening when the defroster is not on and has not been on.|||Here I thought my Miata was haunted, it does the same thing when I am not looking. I just live with it.|||Hey!!! This is a 2009!!! It's still under warranty. Take it to the dealer.|||When this happens have you cycled through any of the ventilation settings? Because even "passing through" the defrost setting will change the air source setting

How do I change a brake light on a Mazda 323 1990 model?

My back rear brake light has gone out and I don't have the car manual. It's a Mazda 323 1990 model - can any one help out - even what kind of bulb I'm supposed to get?|||Im not familiar with the model but inside of the vehicle you should be able to peel the cover off to gain access to the screws to remove it. then replace the bulb. and the material or plastic goes back the same way you removed it when you are finished.

How do you install after market tail lights on Mazda 3?

I just bought some led tail lights for my mazda 3 sedan, opened the trunk and realized there is a metal backing around the lights, anyone that has done this could you help? Pictures if possible =(|||i think you need a square screw driver to get it off. Make sure u dont FORCE it out. taillights have alot of screws attached to them so be carefull.

Assuming that you are not that familiar with cars, take it a shop that you know or get to know a local shop and they might not charge you for it if you go there all the time. (if not its like what 20 bux?)

Where can i find a good and cheap 1993 mazda mx-3 double overhead camshaft?

I have a 1993 Mazda MX-3 GS with a V6 engine but the double overhead camshaft is broken. I haven't been able to find anyone who knows where I can buy one or anyone who knows the cheapest price of one. If anyone could please help I would greatly appreciate it. Thank You.|||I cant directly help you find the part, but can give an idea to you.

When I needed a part for my old car I just called about 15-20 junkyards. Most keep a list of what cars they have and are happy to tell you whats there. Its not a 100% sure thing that the car will have the right part but thats where I would start. that will probably be your cheapest option.

How do I change the fuel pump on my Mazda 626?

I have a '94 Mazda 626 and need to know how to change the fuel pump from start to finish. What wires to disconnect, how to get to the tank, do i need to remove the tank, etc. Please help!|||You'll have to drop the tank, and you'll need to disconnect the pre-silencer exhaust pipe to get to it. And I believe (I had a '93, but this was a while back) that there's a locking cam to hold the pump in place, which requires either a special tool or a whole lot of elbow grease.

Before you do anything, of course, you have to kill the fuel system pressure. Start the car, pull the relay (it's in the fuse box under the hood), and wait for it to die.

How much to replace a transmission in a 2003 mazda tribute?

I was wondering if anyone had any idea how much it was to replace a transmission in a 2003 mazda tribute?|||how did u wreck it so fast...run out of fluid? I just paid 1300 for a S104x4 truck...shop around i had quotes of 1300 to 2200|||that tranny is too new,Why You want to replace it ?

the mechanic wanna rip You!!!

How mauch to fix one power window on a Mazda 6?

My girlfriend just bought a used car, it's a Mazda 6. The passenger door window does go down if you use the control on that door, but the control from the driver's side door is not working.

She just purchased the car this past week. Is this something that can be fixed for cheap?|||I had to replace the driver side switch for a 96 monte carlo. It control both windows, and it cost me well over $100. It's easy to replace yourself, it's the part that costs you a fortune.|||average motor cost is 35.00, D.I.Y if a garage does it,45.00 hr for labor

How dependable is Mazda when compared to Honda or Toyota?

I have never owned a Mazda vehicle before and am curious as to how reliable it is in comparison to the other 2 manufacturers. I test drove 2010 Mazda3 and loved it. But, I need to know that it is as reliable as it is 'zoomzoomy'.

I intend to keep my vehicle for at least 5 years. I will probably average 2,000 miles a month. It will mainly be highway driving. I'm not interested in hybrids because of its sluggish response when accelerating;but do appreciate fuel economy. Practical knowledge and 1st hand experience is greatly appreciated.|||If you keep up with regular maintenance and baby it for the first 1,000 miles or so the car could last forever.

Change oil every 3,000, change plugs, wires, coolant, timing belt, tires, brakes, all when you hit certain mileage points.

Any car that is taken care of will last a long time.|||It is a good car, but you have to keep up on the maintenance to get the most out of it. The Mazda3 is fun to drive.

How is the mazda 3 SP23 a fun car to drive?

Im at the stage of purchasing a new car, my choices are either the mazda 3 SP23 or the new honda civic vti-l, ive been reading a lot of forums and it seems to me that almost everyone says that the mazda 3 is a fun car to drive hands down, i have never driven a mazda 3 before and just curious how is it fun??? such as performs better? handling? just how??? thanks!|||I cannot comment on the Civic,but my friends recently bought a Mazda 3 i was really excited to see it and they was over the moon.

I jumped in it when they arrived and of we went already they look unhappy.But trying to put a brave face on.

My prob with the car was the dash was bulky and boring,the seating position front and back was uncomfy even for short runs,It was super nosiey in the back and featured a stock exhaust.

Problems came with the car after a couple of months with braking problems suspension problems and steering problems,although why the car was like new with my kids bike having more mileage.

Buy now they really are fed up with the car although stuck with it,due to payments etc ,and the work even under warranty all seemed to be probs out of that warranty.

Performance wise it would be unfair for me and one of my friends to judge as we own Skylines and Supra's,but his partner has had really low cc cars before this and found it slow and boring and even scary with overtaking etc and had to drop through the gears anytime speed was dropped but scary on a big open road with heavy traffic.

So the comments might not match evey bodies thoughts on this car,and as said due to having sporty cars iam prob slightly wrong to judge as these prob are fun cars and exciting depending on what cars you have driven before,but as said my friends partner had,had slower cars before and lower spec-ed cars and she wants rid of this car asap.|||Tricky, that obviously wasn't an SP23. The SP23 is the second-tier in the performance perspective of the 3 range, with the MazdaSpeed/MPS obviously being the top. The SP23 will run rings around a Civic. More power, better suspension.

What is The measurements for Mazda 6 emblem logo?

I'm buying a new logo for my friend who has lost hers. Are all the emblems the same size for every mazda car? If not, what emblem size is the mazda 6?|||Call a Mazda dealership. They should be able to help you there.

What headlights could i use on my 1988 mazda b2200?

I am getting some Altezza carbon tail lights and I wanna know what headlights i could use that would look good with those or fit a mazda grille? I heard Ford Ranger lights work. Any ideas?|||yup those ford ranger lights will work

How many pulses per revolution does a 12A Mazda Rotary engine produce?

My friend and I are putting a tachometer by AutoMeter in our RX7, but we need to know how many pulses per revolution a 12A rotary engine makes. The engine is from a 1982 Mazda RX7.

Thanks.|||Each rotor will have 3 combustion events per rotor revolution (so 6 in total) ... but... each rotor revolution produces 3 crankshaft revolutions.

That would seem to indicate 2 ppr, but I would check on RX7Club.com to be sure.|||There are two rotors in the rotary engine: a front rotor (rotor 1) and a rear rotor (rotor2). Each rotor has three combustion chambers. For each rotor revolution, there are three firing events. That would mean a total of 6 pulses... but then again they also have a trailing spark ignition... I've never hooked one up to an RX7, try asking at http://rx7club.com/ before cutting :)|||6. The other answer is absolutely correct.

How does the cooling fan in a 1996 Mazda 121 actually work?

I have a 1996 Mazda 121, when I turned the engine on, the cooling fan does not move. Is it supposed to be like that? As far as I can see from the temp gauge, no overheating problem occurs, it's still on the normal range. Someone told me that the fans only work when the engine reaches a certain temperature, is this the case?|||yes, is normal

that operation is cause by something call thermo-sensor, when it reach certain temp it starts the fan until the part is cool down then it shuts down the cuicuit until it needs to start again

|||Yes,it is the case.|||yep if its Electric it kicks on at a certain temp ...and the older style ones they kick on at start and at certain speed they stop and start at any time after motor has reach temp

How do I install a sub in my Mazda 3 stock radio?

I have a 2004 Mazda 3 Sedan. I want a decent quality sub that isn't too much trouble to install and isn't too big AND want to keep the existing stereo system AND mount it in the trunk. What kind of sub is good for this and how much is all of this probably gonna cost?|||REMEMBER make sure you know the security code for you head unit before disconnecting the battery. Usually listed in the owners manual/log book. If not you can usually pay a small fee and get it again from the car manuafactures service centre but you will need proof of ownership (registration papers).

You can go to any of your electronic stores that sell car audio and choose a sub in a box and an amp that will suit your needs. Any will be able to be installed it is only up to your budget.

To install:

You will need to run a heavy gauge wire direct from the battery that is fused (best to buy an amp wiring kit with your sub and amp). The remote (activates the amp) will need to be run from behind the head unit in the car or off the key ingintion, if you dont want to mess with pulling head units out it can be run from the live wire that go to the cigarette lighter as it is activated off the key and is usually heaps easier to get at. It does not need to be very thick wire as all it does is trigger a relay in the amp to turn it on. The amp actually gets it power from the main thick wire that comes straight off the battery. The ground or earth only needs to be connected to the car body somewhere. Make sure you use some emery tape(metal sandpaper) to remove paint to expose bare metal to ensure good connection. Usually can do it somewhere where it wont be seen (back of seat or under carpet in boot). Before screwing make sure that there are no wires or anything important (fuel tank) under where you are putting the screws.

for your signal (music) you have a couple of options:

first option

you can get an amp that has high level speaker input - then all you need is to use the same wires that go to your back speakers and piggy back them and send to the amp.

second option

Also you can do the same thing by tapping into the speaker wire going to your back speakers but you can buy a small box that converts high level speaker input into RCA output. Then simply run RCA leads from the box to the amp. Usually around $40.

Third option

You can check to see if the standard head unit in the car has an RCA output. If it does then you can simply run RCA leads from the back of the head unit to the amp. Once again this step will require you to pull out the head unit of the car which I have found in newer model cars can sometimes be a little tricky.

Hope this helps and good luck!



Whats the difference between a Mazda 3 and a Mazda 6?

Are they good cars? reliable? What is the average price? What is their depreciation value like? any other reccommendations?

What are good features of it? safety? gas mileage? etc.

I;m asking about the Mazda because I read about it in one of my bf's car magazines and it rated pretty high.

I am going to buy a car in like 5 months and I will be just out of college and into the real world. I need something reliable and not too expensive. Everyone says a civic but EVERYONE has it.

I really like the Lexus IS300, Acura TL, Corolla S (to give you an idea of the styles I like) but too expensive!|||okay, i'm not really a technical car person, but...I think sometimes just an insticntual opinion is good too......I travel a lot and therefore, end up driving lots of rental cars and BY FAR the best intermediate sized all around car I've driven is the mazda 6. It had extremely smooth handling, a good size engine, so lots of umpph behind the gas pedal, etc. etc.

The mazda 3 is also nice, a smaller car, smaller engine, but it all depends on what you need it for.

Anyway, I'm sorry I can't give you more specifics, but really, so many different rental cars and the *only* one that was good enough to stand out was the Mazda 6.|||three.|||Seriuosly Check out the mazda website. it tells you everything. I was thinking about getting a 3 I love the look of it but it is a small car.. the 6 is a larger sedan but both (to me) were over priced. the 3 starts at 14 completly basic manuel no cd, no power, no alb. and the 6 started when i was looking i belive at 18 or 20 with the same problem and when i customized my 3 it came out to be close to 20k and i am not an extravegant person it was pretty much power, auto and braking system which included adding side airbags... oh and when you add certain features you HAVE to add other features which drives the cost of your car up really fast. needless to say i didn't get it. I liked the body style of the 3 but i needed even more room than the 6. What about a Yaris? They are a bit smaller than the Corolla but they have awsome gas mileage and similar body style. Oh and if you are looking for a car with a really good price you should try enterprise car sales. the cars are priced below blue book usually and the prices are haggle-free. you know what you're going in with and you only look for cars that are that and below. GOOD LUCK|||Difference? Plenty. What's the difference between A lexus IS300 and the ES350?

Primarily: Vehicle size, engine size, price

The 3 is smaller and less expensive. They both have good ratings from car reviews and road tests. I think the 3 is rated slightly better than similar vehicles than the 6 is (but I may just be remembering incorrectly here).

But really, like they said, just go to the Mazda website to see a comparison of everything each car has to offer.|||i love cars and the mazda is bad *** but i wouldn't get it they can let you down personally i like the older style cars but those r expensive just ask around and c what would be cheap and reliable i would help you out but all the cars that i like that r reliable r expensive i hope you have a good time shopping for a car its fun you like expensive cars that look nice so do i thats why i can't afford a nice looking car:-)|||3 is smaller, 6 is larger.

3 comes in sedan/hatchback, 6 comes in wagon/sedan

3 only 4cyl., 6 4 or 6 available.

3 Mazdaspeed has turbo, 6 mazdaspeed turbo AWD

Other than that they are mainly optional differences. I almost bought a Mazda 3 Hatchback but when I went to the dealer to test one out, the place let me stand in the showroom trying to get someones attention for 20 minutes before I finally left, went down the street and bought a Toyota Matrix. I am happier with it though, it has more room, more features, and I now have AWD, not available on the 3.

Where are the fusible links in a 93 Mazda Protege?

I have electrical issues with a 93 Mazda Protege DX, and I need to track down the fusible links to see if they're blown or not. A diagram or schematic would be most helpful but anything counts.|||I would suggest following cables from the positive battery cable, and checking along there. Sometimes fuse-links are easy to overlook because they look just like regular old wires, and when you find them, don't just look at them, even if they don't look burnt or bubbled, pull on them slightly, wires won't give, but a fuse-link that has burn the wire inside but no the insulation will.|||Get a "Haynes Auto Repair Manual" for your model and year car. Not only will it tell you where to look for the fuesable links, - but it has wiring diagrams in back of book (no wiring diagrams in Chilton). Plus it has all the diagrams and information you need to check and replace or repair almost everything on the car, (excluding transmission). If you do any work on your car (or want to), this is the right book to get! It will help you not make mistakes when working on car, as well as explaining how stuff works, - so you won't get "took" by unscrupulus mechanic/garage!

Costs less than $20 at "AutoZone and other auto supply stores of this type! I have been working on cars since 1952, and I still buy one every time I get a different car,- it saves me time and money!

How do I fix a right turn indicator that activates hazards on a 07 Mazda 6?

Sometime this morning I noticed that when I activate the right turn indicator it now causes the hazard lights to flash instead. Something I did wrong to cause this? What do I need to do? All 4 lights blink when I activate the hazard, through the hazard switch or the right turn indicator. Body is a 2007 Mazda 6.|||hmm possibly sounds like a shorted multifunction switch, this usually controls hazard lights and your turn signals, wipers and sometimes many other things. I would suspect this. You can also test this and see if it is shorted by checking out a wiring schematic, or if you have an identical switch, another idea would be to take and complete the circuit that the switch is supposed to complete in the right turn and if the right turn lights blink as they should, then it is a problem in the switch, if not then you have a wiring issue. also you will want to disable the air bag system most likely before you begin working on this just to be safe|||shouldnt need to fix this your car is still under warrenty take it too mazda|||Interesting.

Have you messed with the wiring to any of the lights lately?|||The best thing to do is TAKE IT TO A DAMN MECHANIC...DUH

How can i change the language in my mazda premacy from japanese to english?

I have a 2005 model japanese Mazda Premacy, it has a dvd navigation system in japanese, how can i translate the japanese information to english or where can I get a dvd to do this and also update my maps to New Zealand?|||You can find the instructions in the manual. Its a bit tricky since its impossible to read Japanese. The manual shows screen shots on how to do it. If not go to the dealer they should know how to do it in a few clicks.

http://www.mazda3canada.com/html/mazda_5鈥?/a>|||Try calling or going to the Mazda dealer and see if they made the disk for the specs of that country it may be a DIY or they might have to install it at the dealer...|||ront row

Why my mazda 626 car smoke at exhaust each time I start after long hour of parking?

At what mileage does one expect a 4 cylinders mazda 626 engine need replacement?|||The smoking is probably due to leaking valve guides. Oil pools on top of the cylinder head and when the car is turned off some will leak into the cylinders and accumulate to be burned off when the car is started. Oil is actually leaking into the cylinders while the car is running but it's such a small amount that you don't notice any smoke. It's a simple repair and nothing to be overly concerned about.

How long an engine will last depends on how well it has been maintained, if it has been abused, and chance. The average is probably about 200,000 miles but averages are meaningless as far as a particular engine goes. Some don't need replacement for hundreds of thousands of miles and some need replacement in a few thousand miles from new.

Can a different motor work in my mazda protege?

I have a 1998 Mazda Protege ES (I believe) and I was wondering if there was a better motor that would make it faster and/or more fuel efficient. And where should I look to find that?|||It would be very difficult to recoup the money spent on an engine swap by getting better gas mileage.

Nevermind the fact that you'd be spending this money on a 12 year old Mazda econobox that's worth barely a few thousand. Just drive it.|||skys the limit when you have money. you can put pretty much any motor you want in it but it would be alot of fabrication, you would need the motor, motor mounts, trans fits the motor, trans mounts, drive shaft, possibly rear end, ecu that works with the motor, wireing harness...and all the cutting and relocating needed to complete the swap, it can be done, but it takes time and money.|||If you do have the ES model, there is no easy swap for more power. This uses the biggest B engine made. More a fuel efficient engine can be had by down sizing to a 1.6 or smaller B engine.

Because this is the same engine that is in the Miata (1.8) you can stroke the engine using a stroker kit (http://www.flyinmiata.com/index.php?dept鈥?/a> But at almost 5000 dollars and still needing engine machine shop work done, it might be better to just buy a second car that is more fun to drive.

How much does it cost to rebuild a manual transmission for a 1996 Mazda B3000?

I just got this 1996 Mazda B3000, and the transmission chatters in 3rd and Overdrive. What causes the chatter, and how much would it cost to have a professional rebuild the whole transmission, or at least the chattering gears?|||A rebuild may not be the best option here. Instead a good remanufactured unit would probably be cheaper. You have to factor in the labor costs of an garage to do the job. They typically range near the $100/hr for such a job. Then you still have to buy the parts that they will need. The Mazda B3000 is a Ford Ranger if I remember correctly. Start shopping for a reman unit. The link I provided claims that many tranny problems do not require an complete replacement. However, when we did my sisters 1994 Dodge Shadow, it cost us $1500 total for a reman tranny. The chattering you hear may be either a loose trans mounts or the gears themselves are loose. Before you drop an bundle of cash into it, look into that link I provided. They are very good at what they do. G'luck.

What engines are compatible with a 2003 Mazda 6 S series it i want to install something with more power?

My mazda 6 busted out on me about 4 months ago and im finally adding up enough money to get a new engine, but the problem is i would like to install something with more torque and power, any suggestions?|||Get the same engine, this is a sofisticated Japanese car. Installing anything else would ruin it. It certainly won't be worth the money. Do it and you'll regret it - unless your hobby is reapairing broken stuff or finding reasons why something is not working properly.

It's not like swapping engines in old cars.

Need advice on choosing a Ford or Mazda that is good on gas mileage?

What are Ford and Mazda cars (model years 2000 and up) that are smaller/good on gas mileage? Trying to find a mom car!|||Quality

Mazda 3 is the most reliable car in Europe - ever.

That's the result of German TUV industrial audit. TUV is the largest quality audit instutition in the world. Mazda has most vehicles in the top 20. BTW, all Mazda3 cars are made in the same factory in Japan. See the links for details.


As for mileage, for the 2000 model year you'd be better off with Mazda - Brother's 1999 Mazda Protege with 225,000 miles with a 1.8 liter engine runs at 36 mpg. My old 2.0 liter 1998 Mazda 626 (auto) has average at 30mpg with 100,000 miles.

Untill 2001-2, Ford used their own engines, which were then replaced with Mazda's MZR powerplants (that goes for all Ford Duratec bradned engines between 1.5 and 2.5 so the mileage got more levelled.

General comments

However, Mazda has alway had better chassis than Ford in comparable models.

Just for the record, we never had any problems with our cars. Nor had our father with his 2002 Mazda6 2.3 liter and Mazdaspeed6.

To sum up - late generation Protege, say 2002-2003, would serve your mother well. Little more upmarket you'd have an early 2002 Mazda6, slightly larger and more comfortable.

P.S. Ford owns Volvo Cars, but it doesn't own Mazda. Ford is the largest single share-owner (33.9%) and doesn't have decisive majority. Volvo, Mazda and Ford co-develop nad share many components, especially in European models (Mazda3, Volvos C30, S40, V40 and European Ford Focus share jointly developed chassis platform). US Focus is a different car.

The only Mazda that is a rebadged Ford is Mazda Tribute. All other Mazda cars are developed and manufactured by Mazda.

You may be interested to know, that a Jaguar X-type is essentially a previous generation Ford Mondeo. Even some body parts are 100% identical. Ford recently sold Jaguar to Indian manufacturer TATA.|||I would suggest a Ford if you look at what consumer report says that Ford is as good as a toyota cars now. Mazda falls short of that. Also if you buy a Ford you are helping to keep Americans in jobs. You can also find a Ford dealership and parts at any parts store and you want find that with a mazda|||Willaims obviously doesnt read consumer reports, They just ranked Mazda #4 overall, ford 10th. Ford doesnt offer a whole lot int he US worth looking at in a small car. Mazda makes the 3 in a 2.0 liter that gets a good 30 mpg. 150 Hp and low diaplacement. The are is cheap and relaible as well.|||Choose the mazda because Ford tends to lie about there gas mileage it could be 35 bt it is really 25 but mazda donsnt the bad part of this is that mazda is a brother company of ford so whater it says on the sticker you will probubly get alot lower.|||Mazda 3. The Mazda 3 is the best small car sold in America. And horserider8000 is an idiot. Ford doesn't publish the numbers on the sticker, the EPA does. All cars go through the same tests to get their EPA numbers on the sticker. There is no possible way for Ford to lie about it.|||I bought a Mazda 3 a little over a month ago and am loving it. previously I had a Civic. The gas mileage is slightly less w/ the Mazda but it still does good. Mine is a 4 door but it's not a big sedan.|||go with the Mazda 3. Higher rating and much higher trade in value. The true test is total mileage. Mazda's are known for longevity. They're fun to drive. Cool song too. ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM|||Did you know Ford owns Mazda?!

I suggest reading the details of the cars on their websites, they usually list the average gas mileage.|||In Fords, I'd recommend lookiung at the Ford Escort, Ford Contour and Ford Fusion.

In Mazda, Mada3, Mazda5 and Mazda6|||i go with William buy a ford

What is the song on the new mazda 3 commercial?

I saw the mazda 3 commercial (with the flags) and i really liked the song but i cant find it anywhere. Does anyone know what it is?|||If it's this commercial (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=knBNI_PkB鈥?/a> it was created just for the commercial, and is untitled. Cool song!

What are some cheap ways i can make my 2003 mazda 6s faster?

I am looking for some thing I can do to make my 2003 Mazda 6 sport faster. I also dont have a lot of money to spend. Probably under a thousand dollars. I was also wondering if it is possible to supercharge my mazda, i know that supercharging is out of my budget just wondering if it is possible?|||Turbo!

If you are absolutely loaded with money, a nice engine swap will do it.|||Anything is possible with money, whether or not there are kits, you *could* do it.

Full exhaust (header, midpipe, catback) - Don't just get a catback for that.

CAI (little gains, but it's only a 4cyl.)

Dyno tune (don't just get a canned tune)

That will give it a little more pep, but if you're looking for the power house, look into boost and internals.

What is the towing capacity of a Mazda 626?

Can I install a trailer hitch and tow with my 2001 Mazda 626 LX? It is a 4-cylinder, automatic sedan. I want to pull a small trailer with a 400 pound motorcycle.|||Hitch weight of 100 lbs or less and total trailer with a couple of bikes 1000 pounds should not hurt the 626 however the automatic transmission should have a larger transmission oil cooler. The Ford CD-4E auto transmission will even fail on a car with out towing anything. Remember ft. wheel drive isn't the best thing for towing trailers

How hard is it to fix a front axle on a 1995 Mazda Protege?

I have found a Mazda that I might wanna buy, but the front left wheel is off and the thing it bolts to is just dangling off the axle. A piece of the suspension is lying on the ground, but I don't see anything it would bolt to. How do you fix this?|||Without seeing what's missing, it's hard to say. If it just needs a new driveshaft, that's pretty easy and a new one is not very expensive.

We have a 93 and an 02 Protege. Great reliability.

Post a link to some pictures of the problem if you can.

Join clubprotege.com if you want to learn more from Protege owners.

Where can i find a factory mazda 6 exhaust?

I have a 2004 mazda 6 2.3 l 4 cylinder. It has a magnaflow exhaust on it right now and i was looking to get back the factory exhaust because of the loud noise. I would be willing to just swap it out with anyone that wants it. Or do you know where i can find a stock exhaust? Anything will help. Thanks!|||Junkyard, local exhaust shop or a local poster on a Mazda forum maybe...|||Find a big corperation dealership chain ask for parts department and order one

How do you remove and replace front wheel berrings on a 97 Mazda Protege?

I need to know in detail How to remove and replace front wheel berrings on a 97 Mazda Protege?|||you dont need any shop press to remove the bearing, it would help but not neccesary, you can take it out with a hammer

first need 21mm socket to remove the wheel nuts

remove the pilot bearing (cv joint nut) 32mm socket

then remove 2 bolts from the shock (17mm socket and wrench too)

1 bolt for the tie rod end 17mm

2 bolts for the ball joint 17mm or 14mm not sure

now you can pull out the whole spindle, with the spindle out of the car then with the hammer strike the center part hard enough so the inner part of the spindle will come out, (strike it for the side of the cv joint)

once the inner part is out with a snap ring tool take out the snap ring and then strike again with the hammer and flat screw driver for the oposite site (strike from the side was supose to be the tire on the spindle so the bearing will came out)

now you have to put the new bearing and everything in place again the same way you do to take it out|||Nice answer but wheel bearing have been bad for a while they seize. Ive had ford bearings that wouldnt move without heat and a press. If you miss with that hammer and nick a spline or damage the hub you'll need brand new parts.

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|||NO YOU DONT take it to a mechanic. Thats something you dont mess with if you have to ask then get real good help. Someone who knows and is standing there with you. Seriously dont try this. Its not a do it yourself job|||You need a shop press and special tools. It cant really be done in the driveway.

Take off the wheel

Remove the brakes

Unbolt the strut

Unbolt the ball joints and tie rods and seperate them

Remove the large cv nut and pull the shaft

Disconnect the wheel speed sensor

Remove the hub carrier from the car, press the hub out, remove the snap ring from the carrier, press the bearing out, press the new bearing in, reinstall the snap ring and press the hub into the bearing.

Grease anything with threads

Installation is the reverse of removal, the main hub nut needs to be torqued to 150-200 foot pounds.

May need a front end alignment when done.

My mazda 626 keeps overheating and has a little white smoke emerging from under the hood?

The oil light also flashes every now and again. The oil, however, is full. So is the coolant. This started yesterday. I got the car out of the shop exactly one month ago for a replaced head gasket, timing belt and water pump.. so i doubt that would the problem (again).. but at this point I'm not really sure what to look at. Any advice would be great. It's a 2002 mazda 626.|||That white smoke isn't smoke, it's vaporized/atomized coolant. You could have a blown head gasket (second worst case) or a cracked head (worst case). Or you might also just have a bad thermostat, bad water pump, a bad fan, or a bad radiator (like it could be clogged with rust or other crud).

Even though the water pump and head gasket were replaced, they could have screwed it up (particularly the head gasket, by using the wrong part, or by torqueing the bolts in the wrong order or to the wrong torque spec), or you could have gotten a defective part.

Also your problem may have been misdiagnosed as the head gasket to begin with when it was something else entirely.

Figure out PRECISELY where in the engine compartment that white "smoke" is coming from. If it isn't from the head, it probably isn't the head or gasket. (probably, not definitely) Regardless, wherever that "smoke" is coming from is going to need to be tightened or replaced in addition to whatever else you're fixing.

Also check to make sure there's no foam or anything like that in the oil or under the filler cap, and no oil in the coolant.|||make sure the fan is working. turn on the a/c, if the fan doesn't kick on the the fan motor or relay may be bad

How major is the difference in the transmission between a manual 1995 mazda rx7 and a manual 1990 rx7?

I have a 1990 Mazda rx7 and want to do a swap with the 13B cosmo eunos out of the 3rd rx7s (93-02). Does anyone know how much of a major difference between the two transmissions are and maybe where I could find the correct one?|||The Cosmo 13B-RE bolts onto the stock FC transmission with no problem. The Cosmo 13B-RE only comes with an automatic transmission option, so it will most likely have a counterweight and flexplate attached; if your engine did not come with a counterweight, you can use a Kouki FC3S/FD3S stock flywheel or automatic counterweight. If you are going to use an aftermarket (lightened) flywheel, the automatic counterweight is required. The automatic transmission counterweight makes it easy to install an aftermarket (lightened) flywheel in this case. Be sure to install a new pilot bearing and pilot bearing seal before installing the clutch.

now the 13b-REW from the 93+ will fit on the stock transmission with some small mods. But i wouldn't recommend that swap because its to much work. if you plan on hopping it up the stock turbo 89-91 13b-dei would way more bang for the buck. most people swap out in favor of a larger single turbo anyways.|||B.H is spot-on with this. One thing to consider is that the 13B-RE from the Cosmo isn't much of an upgrade over a stock Series 5 13B Turbo (89-91). In my opinion, the extra 30hp isn't worth the work to mess around with wiring, engine mounts, engine management and so on. If you're gonna build mounts, it's probably best to go all the way and just go 20B like I did. The mounts are the same for a 13B-RE too

Just keep your stock FC transmission. The N/A ones have been proven to handle 400+hp in a daily driver by Aaron Cake. If you've never heard of him, he's one of the admins at the rx7club and REALLY knows his stuff. And he's a cool guy to talk to too. The TII transmissions are even more stout, so it just depends on what you have to start with.

Flywheel: You'll need a stock S5 or FD flywheel, depending on your transmission. For aftermarket lightweight flywheels, get the rear counterweight from either a S5, FD or 13B-RE Cosmo. They're all the same part number

On my Series 4 20b FC (yup, a 1987!!!), I'm using a Series 5 J-Spec Turbo transmission, FD Clutch and ACT Prolite flywheel

How do I fix the lights on the dashboard of my 1996 Mazda 626?

I installed a new cd player into my Mazda. The cd player is working now the dashboard lights went out. There were 3 live wires left. One of the wires read white light or illumination. The 3 live wires are now covered with electrical tape. Now the new cd player is installed. But somehow the dashboard lights aren't working neither are the gear lights for park and reverse, etc.. It isn't the fuse, I already checked that. Does anybody know what I need to do? Or have a wire diagram, I found two online so far that aren't correct. Thank-you for your help!|||this happened to me when i installed the cd player in my truck. believe it or not the problem is your headlight switch or dimmer switch. if you use your headlight switch to dim your lights then replace it, but if you have another switch to dim you dash lights then replace it instead. this will fix your problem right up.|||i would go back over your wiring for the cd player, you may have accidentally cut or disconnected the wrong wire.or you may have shorted the dimmer switch.

i have a Gregory's wiring diagram that i may be able to scan and send to you. let me know.

What will we pay for a Mazda with the pin number?

We're looking at the Mazda 3 iTouring or sSport, but maybe the Mazda6 is the pin number gives us a steep discount. Also, do we need to worry about the dealer jacking up the financing once they know we have the pin number? Help!|||The supplier price will be very close to the invoice. It's called the S-Plan. Depending on where you live, you may get additional money in the form of dealer cash (Hit-N-Win). The dealership CAN NOT add to the sales price %26lt;unless you add a spoiler, window tint, etc. %26gt; nor charge you any doc fees. However, they CAN and most likely will add to your financing interest rate. If there are any special consumer interest rates or rebates, you qualify for those in addition to the S-Plan. I hope this helps!

How much is it to replace a gauge cluster on a 2002 Mazda Protege?

I have a 2002 Mazda Protege and it constantly beeps at me and the gauges on the dash go nuts. I Never know how much gas I have and my heat gauge goes from hot to cold and back to hot all the time when my car is at a normal temp. Is it hard to replace? How much is it to replace? What do I do? I have no idea! Thanks! 10 points to the person who helps me to get my car to shut up and act normal.|||$549 including labor

How do I find out which Mazda 626's have compatible parts?

I drive a '99 Mazda 626. I need replacement power lock assemblies for both front doors. I would like to get them from an auto salvage but I need to know the range of 626 models that would be compatible. Does anyone know?|||drop by the mazda dealer go to the parts desk and ask them to help you on which model/years will work for you.. the people at parts counters are generally pretty helpful.,good luck.

What Mazda Miata year models can a hydraulic clutch be installed in?

I am interested in purchasing an older model Mazda Miata from 1990-1997? Which years can a hydraulic clutch be installed?|||I thought they were all hydraulic clutches. My 93 Protege is hydraulic. My 86 Nissan 300zx is as well. ??? confused.

edit: My 74 Beetle is cable, but I thought mid-80s on were all hydraulic.

edit edit: Just searched for replacement clutch cylinders for a 91 Miata... they are there. It's hydraulic.|||That is the way the sticks come from the factory.

What speakers do i need for Mazda protege 1999 and how to install them?

I just purchased mazda protege 1999 and sound isn't that good and i need better sound

I know nothing about speakers and sizes, i was told i need to buy 6x9" @ Over 8" for rear for mazda protege 1999 but what about front? And if i am planning on changing rear should i buy front ones too or rear is enough?

and is it easy enough to replace front and rear speakers on mazda protege 1999?|||The front are 6x8 and the rear are 6x9, if you can swing it replace all, as far as installation that depends on your technical skills. If you want to learn more bout speakers, check the link. Good Luck!

What could be wrong with my mazda truck?

My check engine light in my 1995 mazda B2300 work truck just recently came on, and since then it has that just pulled up to the gas pump smell after i've been driving. It idles smoothly runs good and does not hesitate from a stop, and gets the same gas mileage. It has a 2.3 liter four-cylinder single overhead cam, eight valves and distributorless ignition. Any ideas?|||My first guess is you have a code set by a faulty O2 sensor and you may have a plugged cat. converter thus the funny smell To be sure of the code that was set you need to have it scanned|||you have a fuel leak somewhere. you may have to check your fuel pressure to make sure your pressure aint dropping. also walk along side the vehicle and see if you can see gas leaking|||have the engine scanned and find out what the codes are...this should point you in the correct direction to fix your truck

Mazda in Australia is pointing to the development of 4 wheel steering in it's cars. What do you think?

I find it to be a bit intriguing, but I am not sure I would trust 4 wheel steering in slippery conditions. GM tried this with their full size trucks a few years ago. They advertised the improvements in handling, a smaller turn radius etc. Mazda claims the same beneifits and I might add that if the 4 wheel system should fail, it defaults to front wheel steering and locks up the rear wheels in a straight position, then the driver is notified with a failure light. I don't know.|||GM used it on the HD trucks and Honda used it on the Prelude. I think it would be more useful on the truck because they are so big and any improvement in getting around in small areas is a good one. The problem with GM's was it was included in an option package that required you to have every option picked and added $5k+ to the price not including the other options.|||Honda had a 4 wheel steering system in the Prelude. I do know one person who crashed because his 4 wheel steering had a mechanical failure.

But that was a much older car. I'm sure electronics play a much larger role in new systems to prevent failures.

I'm sure they couldn't legally sell it if it's unsafe.|||4 wheel steering has been done on many other makes.

As for me I don't want it.

It is just one more thing to go wrong. While I am impressed with my Mazda's, I would not buy one.

How much should I expect to pay to get the exhaust system of a 2001 Mazda Protege replaced?

I've been told I need to get the exhaust system of my 2001 Mazda Protege. How should I expect to pay to get this done? Do I need to get Mazda parts?|||no you don't need Mazda parts you can use the cheaper alternative like napa auto zone it price of the job depends on the time and how hard it is for the old one to come apart and how easy the new one will be to install|||like 300-600 depending on what u half 2 have done|||The best place to go is Midas they have cheaper parts than the dealer and a lifetime warranty on the muffler good at any midas in North America. and if you visit their website you can download coupons.|||Depends what you need on the exhaust, if you need everything front to back including manifold and converter it will run around 2 grand. Usually it's just the muffler and the pipe in front of it, which would run around 160 or so. Go to Monro, Tuffy, Meinekee, Midas or somewhere that offers free inspections.

Is their a reason that Mazda does not offer factory built headers as a performance option?

I am aware of the issue with a catalytic converter, however, Mazda could offer a free flowing cat converter alongside the headers. For people who want this type performance. A factory install would make the car even more enjoyable. Would a header get in the way of something?|||Some Mazda cars do have performance headers from the factory. The Miata I know does.

There is a science to exhaust systems, to little back pressure kills the low end, to much kills the top end. Seeing that very few of us run at max RPM all day, Mazda (and other manufactures) tend to design for the lower RPM ranges.

Take the Miata, it will turn over 7000 RPM, but some that drive these cars think they need to up-shift at about 5000 to stay in the torque band, so a bigger exhaust and less back pressure will only hurt the performance.

So unless you want to rebuild the engine to live in excess of 6000 RPM constantly (with peak RPM's in excess of 9000) it is a waste of money, for either the factory or you.

By the way I up shift at the point where the next gear where the engine will need to be turning 3500 RPM to maintain the speed at up shift.|||It would be a waste of money.Performance from a Mazda.That's a good one.|||no, mazda doesnt make performance parts, other companies do

Can I use my new BMW to jump start my old Mazda battery?

I have a old Mazda MX5 (99 model) and a BMW 3 series (2008 model).

The battery on the Mazda is flat out and I don't have a Break down cover on it. Can I use my new bmw to jump-start the mazda? Or are the new bmw batteries not compatible with the jump cables, etc?

Thanks in advance|||sure you can jump it, 12 volts to 12 volts.|||yes you can they all use a 12 volt battery make sure you hook up cables with both cars off than start car with good battery wait 5 minuets shut off car than start the other car this will protect your new cars computer and alternator from voltage spikes

What are the differences between Mazda 5 USA and Europe?

Hi! I would like to buy a Mazda 5 in USA, and also maybe my company will transfer me to Spain to work there. I have heard that you have to modify some stuff in the cars to adapt them from the laws in USA to the laws in Europe. I have seen that the USA and Europe cars look pretty similar outside but I wonder if there are more differences that I should know. Thanks in advance.|||Attached link to specifications;

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mazda_Prema鈥?/a>|||It will most likely be mainly safety features. USA has a high safety standard (thankfully) as opposed to other countries, such as Japan.|||maybe speed limiters.

How often should Mazda 3 transmission filter be replaced?

I have a 2005 Mazda 3 A/T, currently at 78k miles. I asked Mazda technician regarding the transmission filter and I was told that it does not need replacement. Neither the manual book make any mention about replacing it. But I do know that there is a filter inside the transmission oil pan. Can someone tell me if this is true? Thanks...|||Almost all modern cars with automatic transmissions never need the trans fluid replaced of the filter cleaned or replaced. Remember unlike the engine oil which is exposed to combustion by products, a modern trans mission is a sealed system and dirt can not make it into the fluid.|||Mazda 3 tends to be pretty harsh on the transmission. If you notice that by 30K miles the transmission fluid is brown like motor oil, instead of red or pink. On Mazda 3 a transmission flush is recommended. Being on the Mazda3forums the guys that did transmission flush have longest trans. life.

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

How do you adjust the back up light switch on a mazda b4000 pickup?

Can anyone tell me how to adj a back up light switch on a mazda b4000 pickup with an auto trans?

They do not come on at all. A guy at the auto parts store told me try adjusting it. The fuses etc are all good.|||lmao You can't adjust them. I'd go yell at him the next time you get a chance. If the fuses are good then get new bulbs. If that doesn't work then test the current at the tail light circuit board to see if it's getting juice. If it isn't then test the wires that go 'to' the circuit board. If those 'are' getting juice, then you'll have to get a new tail light circuit board. The tail light circuit board is what the bulbs plug in to.

How fast does Mazda MX-5 Activematic shifts when it is in the manual mode from one gear to another?

I'm currently researching about this car, just like to get some answers if anyone could help me. Because I used to drive a Mazda 3 and the manual gearbox mode on the Mazda 3 is terrible it has a big lag from changing one gear to another.

Thank you|||i test drove a mazda rx8 and when i used the triptronic, it took like a full second. it was kinda lame but some car companies have perfected it. My dads lexus does it almost instantly

How do you change the fuel filter on a 1994 mazda b3000 pickup?

The autozone online manual doesn't say. It barely mentions the fuel filter at all. And I cannot get the vehicle started so any protocol that requires that I do something with the engine running won't work.

I cannot afford the buy a manual. But I have a new filter that is appropriate for a 1994 mazda b3000 pickup.

Thanks.|||You need a tool called a fuel line quick disconnect. This filter is probably located underneath the car near the fuel tank. Depending on the filter design, there might be a few plastic clips that can easily be pryed out with a flat head screwdriver to expose the flared end of the both the inlet and outlet fuel lines. Try to save the clip if you can, but most filters come with spares because they break so easily. Stick the quick disconnect into the flared end of the fuel lines as far as you can and very carefully but firmly try to pull the two lines apart. It'll take some wiggling but most of them come out without fail.

Does the Mazda Miata have good acceleration compared to faster cars?

I was wondering, would a Mazda Miata be better or faster at acceleration compared to cars that can go higher speeds. The short ratio gearbox on most sports cars are designed for acceleration and not speed, is the Mazda Miata one of these cars?|||The Miata is not the fastest car on acceleration, but dollar for dollar it can not be beat!

For the difference in price, not only in purchase price but also in ownership, I can live with the difference. If you need more acceleration a supercharger can be purchased and installed. I think the grand total will be less then the Honda S2000.|||I just recently Went to Deals gap for the Miata Fest... I drove my 06 Miata and took most curves with ease. not hard at all to leave some of the american cars in the dust .. it was fun watching a ford mustang trying to keep up with me... Hey guys if you have never driven this road.. DO SO

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|||A mazda miata can go from 0-60 in 6.7 seconds according to car and driver magazine. That is much quicker than most cars on the road. The honda s2000 is about 1 second quicker 0-60 but it is no longer made and was discontinued in 2009 and is about 10,000$ more. I personally wouldnt pay $10,000 for a 1 second difference but some might.

Honda s2000listed for $34,995 - $37,995 new in 2009. Mazda miata listed for $21,700 - $28,190 in 2009 a $13,000 difference between base models. The miata is a legend, it re-birthed the small convertible car and was the first to make a reliable, economical small convertible. The s2000 came years later and is noe defunct.|||You would think that with it's weight and power that it should have a lightening fast launch but the truth is this car is slow as hell unless if its mazdaspeed version. Then it would only be considered kinda fast. Not all that much better. For the money of a miata u might as well get a s2000. THOSE are at least fairly decent. When u compare prices I'm comparing the brand new miatas to the first line of s2000 that was entered into America. And the miatas are amazing at handling i'll admit. But they really do have a major flaw. While their heads are heavy as hell the tails have absolutely no weight of holding its *** down. And plus there's a lot more you can do to a s2k than you can to a miata|||on straights no. curvy roads, hell yeah. i watched on youtube these pathetic 4 door chargers along with other "muscle" theme cars tried to keep up with a miata on a test course.

miata %26gt; 4 doors of shame.

What to buy for my man who is restoring a Mazda astina 1994 sports edition?

My man is currently restoring a mazda astina 94 model. For christmas this year i was thinking of getting him something to add to the car or help him in the process. Could you recommend something YOU would like your gf to get you for your car. Thanks heaps!!|||easy... if u love him... %26amp; he does 2... get him a small beautiful sth with both pictures of u in... %26amp; make him put it on the inside mirror of the car... a simple thing...

u could also get him some new gauges 4 the car... or try %26amp; find a rear spoiler 4 the car...

unless... u want 2 spend much... get him a whole new sound system! :D|||get him a set of tools,a man can always use tools.|||Get him on Book on how to restore a Mazda

What kind of engine can I put in an 1987 mazda 323?

I currently have a 1987 mazda 323, of which I need to replace the engine. The engine that normally comes in a 1987 mazda 323 only produces 103 hp, and I am in need of more power than that, so I don't want to get the same type of engine it currently has. My question is: What kind of engine can I put in that 1987 mazda 323 that is able to produce more power than it currently has?|||Hey man.im guessing you have a B6 engine?(1600 fuel injected)?What i am doing at the moment is i have a 1987 Ford Laser,similar to the 323 models but mine is a sedan.i had a 1300 carbd engine in and converted it to a 1600 dohc turbo(B6T).They have a good flow of power.They also released GT-X versions that are 1800 dohc Turbo.the pump out very good power but most of them came out 4WD.there are other models too that are BFMR or BFMP.all from Mazda.look up there specs and find out which is best for what you are looking for..

Hope this helps.They will all bolt into your car aswell.

How to install a remote keyless entry system on a mazda 3 gx 2007 ?

Even if my car has power door locks, the guys at the Mazda dealer say they can't do it.They've tried it on another cas same as mine and it didn't work.|||Strange!

My 2007 Mazda3 had remote keyless entry as standard built into a key (folding key, looks something like this http://www.caradvice.com.au/wp-content/u鈥?/a>

Now, my car was made for European market but it was made in the same Japan factory as all Mazda3s so I find it hard to believe that the locking systems would different. It's just some features may have been disabled.

I had a rather sophisticated alarm and shock sensors fitted, it was all paired with factory engine immobilizer. Now I can lock and unlock my car either with a Mazda key or by a separate remote dong. It didn't affect my waranty, in fact, it was fitted by an independent company that is "endorsed" by my dealer.

I had the same alarm fitted to my old 1998 Mazda 626 that didn't have remote keyless entry as standard and again it all worked. Same with my father's 2002 Mazda6 and his new 2007 Mazdaspeed6.

This is what I had fitted


It's remotely controlled alarm/keyless entry system.

Some of Jablotron's products are also available in the USA, but I'm sure there must be similar products on the US market.

Try an alarm specialist or similar company. If it works on my car it MUST work on yours too.|||no major production car has a factory alarm

just think about this..... for EXAMPLE mazda makes around 1Million cars, each alarm cost 15$ they will spend 15Millions in alarms? they are not

the insurance companies demand each car to be sold has alarm and dealers have to install them, each dealer install alarms to their cars, so if your dealer says they cant is because they are using an alarm non compatible to keyless mode

in other words you have to install a new alarm to your car